Previewing the Year Three Spring Workshop

Very soon, EcoCAR students will travel to Ann Arbor, MI to attend the Year Three Spring Workshop and Vehicle Emissions Testing at the Environmental Protection Agency National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory (EPA).

From March 6 - March 19, 2011, teams will attend training sessions and test their advanced propulsion systems at EPA through vehicle dynamometer testing. The goal of the dynamometer testing is to measure the tailpipe emissions of the EcoCAR vehicles and for the participating teams to understand and learn the emissions behavior of their powertrain from the data collected during the testing. The teams will also complete a certification test sequence of a cold start urban cycle, a hot start urban cycle and a pair of highway cycles.

In addition to the dynamometer testing, the Safety and Technical Pre-Inspection, which counts for competition points, will occur at EPA before the dynamometer testing begins. This will replace the Pre-Inspection that typically takes place at the universities in the spring.

Teams will also attend workshop presentations from EcoCAR organizers from the Department of Energy, General Motors, EPA, and Argonne National Laboratory and participate in vehicle demonstrations from Competition events for AVL DRIVE Quality and Emissions and Energy Consumption. EcoCAR Outreach Coordinators will also be giving scored presentations on their Sponsor Success Story, website, and outreach events at their university to a team of Outreach judges. Students will also tour local sponsor facilities at GM's Milford Proving Ground in Milford, MI and A123 Systems in Livonia, MI.

One other highlight of the Spring Workshop is the EcoCAR Open House, which will be hosted at the Environmental Protection Agency National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory. The event will include a vehicle ride and drive, a vehicle display and an EPA Open House.

Be sure to check out for updates during the Spring Workshop, as well as the EcoCAR Fanpage and Twitter. We look forward to seeing all of the teams and organizers in Ann Arbor in March!



February 2011