Students Prepare for EcoCAR with Year Three Kickoff Workshop in Boston

After testing their vehicles at the GM Desert Proving Grounds during the Year Two finals, EcoCAR teams will use the third and final academic year of EcoCAR to integrate all remaining mechanical components into their vehicles and refine their design for the "99% vehicle buyoff." This term is used to define the final stage of readiness for the EcoCAR prototype vehicles and mimics the final approval gate in the General Motors' vehicle development process before a vehicle moves into production.

Last fall, EcoCAR teams traveled to Boston for training on design implementation, subsystem integration, and control strategy refinement. For the Year Three Fall Workshop, MathWorks hosted EcoCAR teams once again for a five-day training workshop at their headquarters in Natick, MA, outside of Boston.

During the Year Three Fall Workshop, teams learned about new rules and regulations for this year and heard from sponsors and organizers about different aspects of the Year Three deliverables and vehicle testing. Teams were able to increase their knowledge in the areas of dynamometer emissions testing, vehicle safety and the EcoCAR inspection process, energy and emissions consumption events, MathWorks software training, and more. By using the information they learned during the workshop, students will have the knowledge and skills to go back to their automotive labs and prepare their vehicles for the Year Three Competition Finals.

"MathWorks was proud to host the EcoCAR teams again this year to train and support the next generation of engineers as they develop clean vehicle technology solutions," said Maureen Maher, education marketing manager for MathWorks.

In addition to MathWorks, other EcoCAR sponsors including General Motors, dSPACE, U.S. EPA, and Freescale Semiconductor offered instructional sessions throughout the workshop, including a preview by EPA of the upcoming Spring Summit at the National Vehicle Fuels and Emissions Laboratory in Ann Arbor, MI in March 2011.

EcoCAR would like to thank all students, sponsors, organizers, and presenters for attending the Year Three Fall Workshop. It was a huge success and will help students prepare for the Spring Summit in Ann Arbor and the Competition Finals. See everyone then!



October 2010